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An animator’s review of the DeadPool movie

As a small child, Deadpool was the only comic book character I had an interest in. I grew up with a brother, who was very interested in comics. As a child, I sought humor and excitement. I did not have the mindset to tolerate anything serious. Out of every comic book my brother read to me, Deadpool was the only intriguing series. As I got older, I developed an appreciation for comics in general. Deadpool, on the other hand, is just a comic that sticks with me.
I was very excited to hear about the Deadpool movie in production, and I was not disappointed at the outcome.
The CG was revolutionary. The textures used were very high in quality. Deadpool’s costume was so perfectly edited to the point where I could not tell what was animated, and what was not. The makeup was very well done, along with the lighting. The camera motion kept me interested in what was going on.
The script was very well written. The jokes consist of sexual innuendos, and fourth wall breaks. The story followed Deadpool’s origin perfectly. Unlike the Deadpool from X-men Origins, this Deadpool was written as an enthusiastic character. The story gives the viewers a chance to feel for Deadpool. I like how we get to see Deadpool struggle with cancer, and how it effects the people around him. We get to see the human side of Deadpool, and not just the wisecracking, blood thirsty Deadpool. I also like how the writers pushed the boundaries of what is acceptable in the rules of film, and made the movie appear self aware. I was taught “You can only break the rules, if you know what the rules are. Which is ok!” This movie is a big example of that statement.
I highly recommend this movie. If you’re not a fan of crude and dark humor, this is not the film for you. Also, leave your kids at home. This movie has high quantities of gore, sex, explicit language, and crude humor.

PepsiCo… You know better!

So ever since the super bowl, everyone has been raving over one commercial in particular… Puppy Monkey Baby!… Really PepsiCo?! You guys decided to create nightmare fuel? For those who don’t know, PepsiCo has ownership over MountainDew and are well up to date with what is trending. I understand that they are interpreting internet favorites into the equivalent of their soft drink, but I think there is a better way to go about that.
First off, the character design needs to be fixed. People favor puppies, monkeys, and babies for being cute. The creature design does not achieve that. It just looks like a mix n match abomination. The script could have also been better. The creature should not have to remind us what it is. Maybe have the creature present itself more appropriately.
PepsiCo has made some really successful advertisements in the past. I do not know what possessed them to green light this one.