PepsiCo… You know better!

So ever since the super bowl, everyone has been raving over one commercial in particular… Puppy Monkey Baby!… Really PepsiCo?! You guys decided to create nightmare fuel? For those who don’t know, PepsiCo has ownership over MountainDew and are well up to date with what is trending. I understand that they are interpreting internet favorites into the equivalent of their soft drink, but I think there is a better way to go about that.
First off, the character design needs to be fixed. People favor puppies, monkeys, and babies for being cute. The creature design does not achieve that. It just looks like a mix n match abomination. The script could have also been better. The creature should not have to remind us what it is. Maybe have the creature present itself more appropriately.
PepsiCo has made some really successful advertisements in the past. I do not know what possessed them to green light this one.


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