About Me

As an animator I push myself as hard as I can, to provide the most high quality animations. My animations are made with my digital expertise. Sometimes my animations start out traditional.
Growing up, one of the things I enjoyed was watching animations. Throughout my childhood, I have watched several Disney related animations. I would Also enjoy anime, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon related animations. When I entered Junior High School, I discovered the band Gorillaz. I enjoyed the art style very much, and began collecting the albums. Around that time, I was also enjoying Flash animations. When I started High School I developed an interest in Stop motion. I attempted it, but was not successful. On my third year of High School, I was accepted into the Film major. From there I was creating short animations using MS Paint, and Windows Movie Maker. Like stop motion I would animate by frame. At that time I took pride in my work. These days I look back at what I have done, and know I have improved. I did not use flash until a few years ago, when I attempted to teach myself. I did not take a Flash class until around 2014.
Recently I have created my animations, using After Effects. After Effects became a huge breakthrough for me. Not only do I give up the pain of not having to animate by frame, but I do not have the hassle of Flash as well.
In the future, I hope to be hired by any animation studio, which would eventually enable me to create my own studio.


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